Anna University Regional Campus Madurai (AURCM) is committed to imparting Quality Education in Engineering and Master of Business Administration through Action Plan for performance appraisal evaluation, assessment, accreditation and the enhancement of quality in higher education institutions. For the continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the Quality, the institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post-accreditation quality measure. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of the institution’s system and work towards realizing of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The Quality Policy is communicated to and understood by all stakeholders within the institute and is reviewed for continuing suitability.


• To build and ensure an effective teaching learning culture at our campus
• To enhance student performance in academic, placement and skill development activities

Functions of IQAC

• Monitoring course plan, course content and course delivery of teachers
• Monitoring the Internal assessment question paper, student performance analysis in internal assessment and end semester University examinations.
• Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment.
• Facilitating the students to participate in co-curricular activities and other skill development programs.
• Mentoring the students to be industry ready graduates.
• Taking corrective measures based on feedback responses from students, parents, alumni and stake holders to ensure the quality of Institution.
• Planning, guiding, maintaining Quality assurance and Quality enhancement in teaching learning process.


S.No. Position Nominee
1 Chairperson Dean
2 Co-ordinator of IQAC Dr.C.Muthuvelayutham,ASP/MBA
3 Co-Coordinator of IQAC Dr.H.Habeebullah Sait, AP(Sr.Gr)/EEE
Dr.M.Bhavani, AP(Sr.Gr)/EEE
4 Faculty members to represent Department level
Civil Dr.M.P.Venkatesh
Mechanical Dr.C.Dharmaraja
CSE Dr.M.Vinothkumar
EEE Dr.S.Baghya Shree
ECE Dr.V.Arun
MBA Dr.R.Gopalakrishnan
S & H Dr.S.Muralikrishnan
5 Nominee from Employers *
6 Nominee from Industrialists *
7 Nominee from Stakeholders *

Students Members

S.No. Position Nominee
1 Nominee from Students
Civil Kangatharani
Civil Santhosh
Mechanical S.Nirmal Kumar
Mechanical P.S.Subathra
CSE S.Ashwini
CSE M.Dineshkumar
EEE K.Pradeesh
EEE B.Harini
ECE K.S.Harshavardan
ECE K.Dharshini
MBA P.Priyan
MBA R.Nagalakshmi
S & H T.Sakthi ECE
S & H M.Karthik Sankar CSE
2 Nominee from Alumni
Civil Santhosh
S & H

IQAC Minutes

S.No. Details Download
1 1st IQAC Minutes of the meeting Not available

Members Profile

Name of the Coordinators
1 SB1 Dr.K.Linga Durai
Department of Mechanical
2 SB1 Dr.C.Muthuvelayutham
Co-ordinator of IQAC
Department of MBA
3 SB1 Dr.H.Habeebullah Sait
Co-Coordinator of IQAC
Department of EEE
4 SB1 Dr.M.Bhavani
Co-Coordinator of IQAC
Department of EEE
5 SB1 Dr.M.P.Venkatesh
Department level members
Department of CIVIL
6 SB1 Dr.C.Dharmaraja
Department level members
Department of Mechanical
7 SB1 Dr.M.Vinothkumar
Department level members
Department of CSE
8 SB1 Dr.S.Baghya Shree
Department level members
Department of EEE
9 SB1 Dr.V.Arun
Department level members
Department of ECE
10 SB1 Dr.R.Gopalakrishnan
Department level members
Department of MBA
11 SB1 Dr.S.Muralikrishnan
Department level members
Department of S&H